Irobot has been on the acquisition offensive and has picked up a Massachusetts educational start up called Root Robotics. The start up holds the patents to the eponymous robot, a two wheeled device designed to draw on whiteboards and other surfaces.

“The acquisition of Root Robotics allows iRobot to broaden the impact of its STEM efforts with a commercially available, educational robotic platform already being used by educators, students and parents,” iRobot CEO Colin Angle said in a press release. “Root also helps increase the reach of iRobot’s educational robot line by offering a proven system for people of all ages, including students in elementary school.”

This is not the first foray of Irobot into the educational and STEM robotics, having already offered Create robot, a hackable version of it’s popular Roomba platform. With this new acquisition, it gives insight into Irobot’s commitment to developing the next generation of Robotics Engineers.


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