Robotics, Digitisation and the Meaning of Life


The world is a quiver with the daunting prospect of losing one’s job to robots and through digitisation, but is it going to happen? In one sense, yes it is. Huge swathes of industry have revolutionised their working practices through robotics and digitisation as we will demonstrate. The question should be “Will the inevitable be a bad thing?”

In an article from the guardian, it was predicted that Robotics could take upto 4m private sector jobs in the UK within the next 10 years.

“The RSA’s prediction of the impact of robotics on working lives is lower than some other estimates. Four years ago, academics at the University of Oxford predicted 35% of jobs could be rendered obsolete by new technology, while the Bank of England predicted in 2015 that up to 15m jobs in Britain were at risk from robots “hollowing out” the workforce.”- Guardian

Consider this: what would your life be like without the need for daily drudgery and sometimes monotony of work?

In future, the term work will mean something quite different where we live in a world where there are no jobs to speak of, and everything is labelled an activity. A future where one does not need to purchase anything because there is no such thing as currency. You take what you need or your needs are delivered to you, but the evolution of society to this point will be filled with dread as more and more people fall under the wheels of the robotics and digitisation bus.

Fear not unemployment will be taken over by more recreational activities and the arts, education and individual creativity will become more celebrated. More time and resource will be dedicated to research as more minds become available to take up the challenges facing society.

There will also be a phase of abundance where we have more than our needs require. In short, a future with robotics, automation and digitisation is indeed a bright one, although getting there means sacrificing our current thinking, economics and way of life.

Robotics News 29 October 2017


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