The Latest Updates on the UK Ministry of Defences’ Robotics and Autonomous Systems Enhancement Programmes

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SMi reports: Hear the latest updates on the UK Ministry of Defences’ Robotics and Autonomous Systems Enhancement programmes at SMi’s Robotics and Autonomous Systems conference.

The two-day Robotics and Autonomous Systems conference, taking place on 25th and 26th April 2018 in London, will cover the latest updates on the UK Ministry of Defences’ Robotics and Autonomous Systems Enhancement programmes, with a full representation at the conference from the UK MoD.

You will additionally hear exclusive Military briefings from the United States, Israel, Finland, France, Norway and many more. Briefings will also be given from academia, defence research and procurement agencies which demonstrates the comprehensive approach to emerging autonomous and robotic technologies that this conference will provide.

The UK Ministry of Defence (MoD) has recognised the potential of Robotic and Autonomous Systems (RAS) to provide strategic superiority in military operations. As a means to establish the opportunities a quick adoption of RAS would provide the British Army, they will conduct an important and large-scale exercise in Autumn 2018: the Army Warfighting Experiment (AWE). The purpose of the experiment will be to “connect industry technology providers with Army front line units” and to “draw on the successful models offered by the AWE and Unmanned Warrior” (Royal Navy equivalent).

From this we can sustain that the British Army is seeking to enhance its capabilities and to modernise along with the new emerging technologies.

Continuing the MOD’s investment in technology, the UK has been working with the US Military on autonomous resupply testing a 4×4 vehicle controlled with an Xbox-style controller, driverless trucks in convoy and Hoverbike drones. These cutting-edge technologies are a new way of coordinating and delivering vital supplies including on-demand delivery of food and fuel or ammunition to the front line, in the most dangerous last-mile up to the battlefield. The Unmanned Aerial Vehicle’s (UAVs) trialled could also potentially be used for humanitarian aid and disaster relief missions. With the two nations working closely together, the autonomous technologies could, in the future, reduce the risk to the military user whilst improving efficiencies and interoperability, which could in turn decrease costs and save lives.

The UK MoD established 5 priorities in the development of Robotics and Autonomous Systems: Sustainability, Manoeuvrability, Situational Awareness, Lethality and Survivability. These five priorities are what SMI’s Robotics and Autonomous Systems 2018 conference will revolve around along with main themes such as counter-IED, AI, interoperability, or communication systems.

Hear from many top military speakers including Lieutenant Colonel Richard Craig, SO1 Capability and Cohesion, Army HQ, British Army, Major Lloyd Davies, Starter Requirements Manager, DE&S, UK MoD, Colonel Jerome Lemaire, Land Strategic Directorate, DGA, France, Lieutenant Colonel Leon Altarac, Head of the Robotics Department of the Ground Forces Technology Brigade, Israeli Defence Forces Dr. Robert W. Sadowski, Robotics Senior Research Scientist, TARDEC, US Army and many more.

A detailed agenda with a full list of presentations and speakers can be found on the event website.

There is currently a £400 early bird registration discount for bookings made by 15th December. Visit for more details.

Robotics and Autonomous Systems
25th-26th April
London, UK

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