Askul Embraces Robotics and AI Tech


Askul, the Japanese Business Supplies reseller has taken a big step into the world of Robotics and Automation.

The Company has started an organisational change and announced the launch of the future platform architecture division, managed directly by CEO Shoichiro Iwata. Because of this, Askul aims to grow its open platform logistics and marketing business to make it the group’s “third revenue pillar”.

Under the future platform umbrella, it has created individual units comprising procurement, logistics, delivery network, production, information technology and customer service. Alongside these segments, it is also launching a technology centre to fully utilise advancements in areas such as big data, artificial intelligence and robotics.

Askul intends to promote high automation of processes such as buying, logistics, delivery, customer service and user interface/experience in order to “improve productivity exponentially”.

Robotics News, December 5