Cozmo’s Code Lab Expands It’s Capabilities

Anki, the consumer robotics and AI company and makers of Cozmo – one of the most sophisticated consumer robots on the market, today announced that it is expanding Cozmo’s Code lab capabilities.
Available for download from today, 5th December, the new update takes the original code lab from a simple dragging and dropping sequence tool to a more sophisticated programme. This will increase the number and types of blocks as well as making it possible to create vertically oriented block stacks that more closely mirror the way text based code is structured.
This makes it easier to create more games to play with Cozmo, to develop more actions for Cozmo to perform.
Included in the app are examples for end users to build on, such as creating an orchestra with Cozmo, a lights and music disco for Cozmo to dance to and Cozmo will even predict your future. What’s more, the update allows users to submit their own projects for a chance to be featured in the Featured Projects section of Code Lab.
The new update provides an even more powerful tool that’s perfect as an intermediary between the simpler, icon based Code Lab that’s currently available, and the Python based SDK.
Robotics News, December 5