Pepper has been seen at various events around the world and has began her world domination tour, becoming the mainstay and industry choice for meet and greet and bringing the 21st century face of the financial industry, being adopted by the main branch of Stadtsparkasse München, to meet and greet visitors to the branch as well as offering them information in a mild, jovial and welcoming manner.

Pepper works in the digital center to attract and welcome customers as well as to inform them about digital projects and offers which are usually overlooked by bank customers during their visit to the branch. With the CMS developed by Humanising Technologies for this use case, Pepper is able to carry out multiple missions with good performance, helping create a worth-sharing experience. It effectively increases the awareness of digital projects and products and strengthens the emotional ties between the bank and its customers.

Tatra Banka has gone one step further and implemented Pepper in multiple branches where Pepper is the very first touchpoint to welcome clients in the branches, providing various types of services thanks to the robotic management solution developed by Adastra. It contributes to creating an immersive customer experience that effectively increases the awareness of the bank’s products and services and strengthens the emotional ties between Tatra banka and its customers.

Pepper allows for an extra novelty touch for an industry which can often be seen as very stodgy in it’s approach to client interfacing. With her demure manner she can also appeal to a younger generation of investors who will be keen to attend the branches with their parents.


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