‘Artificial intelligence (AI) can be a force for good in the world’ says Judith Elgie, Head of Data Science at Altelium ahead of International Women’s Day. ‘High profile cases of AI going wrong, or being applied irresponsibly, get a lot media coverage but it’s an exciting field to work in, and its role in our day to day lives is often misunderstood”.  

Judith Elgie

“My work helps ensure that we really benefit from the switch to electric vehicles and renewable energy sources.  I work with datasets of information from real-life batteries in vehicles, and those in laboratories. We use this information to ensure the batteries are well managed in their first lives, usually in cars but soon it will be HGVs, ships, even planes, and then give them a second life in battery energy storage systems.   

One day we’ll have local energy systems based around small scale stored energy, and the key to making this safe and affordable will be good management and understanding of the batteries, from data. It’s exciting to be shaping the future in a constructive way through AI and mathematics”.  

I wondered if you’d be interested in a piece from Judith which looks at how AI is a force for good – showing how it can improve state of health for batteries and improve environmental impact.   

Altelium provides electric battery warranties based on AI and real-time battery data.