Tailor Insight, the fintech market research organization, recently released a research report “Helping Parents and Children, WIMI AR+AI Teaching Mode Makes Learning Easier”. Educating children has become a big problem nowadays. Parents take good care of their children in life, but when it comes to learning knowledge, they are often helpless and lose control of their emotions. So is there any good way to reduce the pressure on some parents and allow children to learn more effectively? In fact, now Holographic technology has been introduced into the education industry, and Holographic AR technology has penetrated into all stages of the education industry. Holographic technology is gradually becoming an efficient means of influencing the development of education. In this context, the WIMI AR+AI teaching model can make learning easier for children, which is a very good choice.

WIMI focuses on Holographic cloud services and has made major breakthroughs in Holographic applications such as advertising, entertainment, education, and 5G communications. WIMI’s Holographic 3D computer vision acquisition, AI synthesis, transmission, presentation, and application have carried out in-depth research and development and market development in each link. Now, WIMI enters the education industry, through Holographic AR+AI technology, provides WIMI CLOUD CLASSROOM solution, so that children are no longer bored to learn, and relieves the pressure of parents.

First, WIMI CLOUD CLASSROOM uses the AR+AI teaching model to help children solve problems and help students get out of difficulties through interesting and visual ways. The WIMI CLOUD CLASSROOM solution includes well-known teachers and video synchronized courses of various subjects, designing the best teaching plan in line with children’s thinking.

Second, WIMI CLOUD CLASSROOM includes a variety of new teaching equipment such as Holographic 3D projection, AR, AI, etc., creating a new type of classroom based on the Internet of Things and big data integration Holographic. WIMI creatively uses cutting-edge technologies such as Holographic projection, AR, and AI to create teaching with a sense of technology and experience. This teaching model has been recognized by the industry. WIMI uses cutting-edge technologies such as Holographic spatial imaging, light and shadow art, MR mixed reality, real-time motion capture, somatosensory interaction, and algorithm art to empower the development of education in China.

Third, WIMI AR+AI can cultivate children’s interest in reading. WIMI has a comprehensive Holographic IP equity content library. WIMI has a total of 4,654 Holographic virtual IP rights content. Among them, 2,961 Holographic IPs are used for virtual education, 851 Holographic IPs are used for virtual tourism, 739 Holographic IPs are used for virtual art and entertainment, and 103 Holographic IPs are used for virtual science. Students can learn a variety of interesting subject knowledge. In addition, WIMI’s virtual content library is also enriched with copyrighted IP content licensed from a third party, so students and parents can use learning resources safely.

WIMI CLOUD CLASSROOM is the leading Holographic interactive teaching overall solution. WIMI hopes that its educational philosophy will use years of research experience and valuable research results to help students learn more effectively, and at the same time establish a global perspective, so as to have international competitiveness. WIMI has been committed to high-tech research on Holographic AR, artificial intelligence, and big data, and independently developed a number of technological achievements such as 3DHolographic pulsed LiDAR and head-mounted light field Holographic equipment. The company has invested in dozens of high-quality enterprises