The European-funded project AI4Media has launched a large-scale exchange program, the “Junior Fellows Exchange Program”, which aims to enhance mobility in AI-related research for the Media sector, especially among young researchers. The program will run until August 2024.

The exchange program gives Junior Fellows the opportunity to work on state-of-the-art AI research topics, deepen their knowledge in specific areas, and add an international perspective to their education, under the supervision of experienced researchers in European universities, research centres, and industry. 

The future of Artificial Intelligence (AI) will be shaped by researchers who are today at an early stage of their career. Thus, the exchange opportunities such as the one offered by AI4Media’s Junior Fellows Exchange Program will support talented women and men working on AI for Media & Society to increase the diversity, impact, and visibility of AI made in Europe.

Why the Media sector? Europe has a unique, human-centric and trustworthy ethical brand of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to offer to the world, and a field where such AI is needed and can offer a strong advantage to European actors is the Media sector. Besides its economic value, the Media is a sector with great power, that can shape societal values, debates, opinions and could nurture a democratic society or, if things go wrong, lead to polarisation and crises.


The online portal of the AI4Media Junior Fellows Exchange Program is now open for applications at with more information on participation rules and application procedure.

The application procedure follows three simple steps: 

STEP #1 – Create a Host or Sender profile on the AI4Media website.

STEP #2 – Search in the matchmaking section for the Host or Sender institution profile that better meets your exchange interests.

STEP #3 – Get in contact with a suitable Host or Sender institution, agree on the terms of mobility, and SUBMIT a joint application through an online form.