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Robotics, Digitisation and the Meaning of Life

The world is a quiver with the daunting prospect of losing one's job to robots and through digitisation, but is it going to happen?...

Is Hanson Robotics’ Sophia the Future of Robotics? Hopefully Not

The personification of gimmicks, Hanson Robotics could set back the field of robotics in public perception by decades. Whilst well meaning and inspirational, Hanson...

The Future of AI and the Rising Ethical Questions

AI (Artificial Intelligence) is at the very cutting edge of industry but how much do we really understand about it? There are several questions...

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Ryder Integrates Fetch into Warehousing

https://vimeo.com/311714432/bcfc5d181d Ryder Supply Chain Solutions, a subsidiary of Ryder, the fortune 500 company, and a leader in...

Cartwright increases efficiency using Robotic Welder

The Cartwright Group, the manufacturer of commercial trailers and bodies, has driven up productivity and efficiency at its South Manchester production facility...

15 minutes with the top man of Titan Medical Inc

How’s this for a fantastic start to the new year? We got the opportunity to snag an interview with the CEO of...